Can't change period in PT 2007 Multi-user unless only one user is online

Hi Gang,
Any time other users are logged on and someone tries to change to a different period they get the following error dialog:
[Peachtree Accounting] (X) You are attempting to perform an operation on your company data that requires single-user access, or another user is performing an operation which prohibits any other user from accessing the company. Please try again when that operation is complete or there rae no other users accessing Peachtree.
Is there a workaround for this or is Peachtree's 2007 networked version really this much of a hodge podge?
Thanks, Christian Blackburn On behalf of Quality Drywall and Metal Stud
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Christian Blackburn
This has been a "lock" feature of PAW since the introduction of the multiuser version and before. No workaround that I know of.
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D Drake

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