Avery Berkel 6720 - 15lbs

Avery Berkel 6720 - 15lbs Has anyone setup this type of scale before or something similar?
After setting up the OPOS scale driver in RMS and leaving all the settings on default, when I add an item at the POS the system crashes (no error message, it just hangs and dies). I have tried modifying pretty much all the setting using different combinations and still the system crashes. I have downloaded the WeighTronix OPOS test utility and I have successfully been able to retrieve the weight, but not in RMS.
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Rob, I have a 7820 scale, and I experience the same problem, I ended up calling NCI and very much forcing them to aknowledge that their product was defective. Everytime I tried using their WTScaleAdmin.exe software the program would crash for no reason and half of the times it would not even read the weight. I recommend you talk to them, their excuse is going to be that they do not support RMS, however you need to prove to them that the program crashed even with their own software.
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