BemaTECH MP-4000 TH with RMS - Cutting receipt paper after signature portion of CC receipt is printed

I have the BemaTECH MP-4000 TH printer and when I run a credit card
transaction, it prints one long receipt. I then have to cut it or rip
it in half in front of the customer. I have Microsoft RMS...any ideas
of a way I can get it to separate between the signature portion of the
receipt, and the sales receipt?
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I m not sure if they have opos drivers, why don't aske them if they opos driver or if they can use epson opos drivers instead.
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Hello I'm big fan of this company called Bematech. I have the Bematech MP-400 TH, this product is excellent! For your problem I dont know the solution. Did you try to call the assistence of the Bematech? Sorry for my bad english I'm not a english guy and I'm from United Arab Emirates. *Salute*
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