Cutting the receipt paper between signature and sales receipt

I'm using HP A794 printer. We set up the reciept to print the creit card signature at the top and the sales receipt at the bottom. My problem is the printer is not paper cutting the receipt after the signature page. So we have to use scissors to cut the receipt.
Is there a setting for this in RMS? Or on the printer? We are using windows printer type, not OPOS.
thanks in advance for help!
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Check with HP or your reseller. With windows drivers, RMS is sending the two parts as a single print job. There may be a text code that you can embed in the receipt template to force a paper cut.
You may be able to set up Printer 2 with an alternate Receipt format. this would generate separate print jobs, but you would probably end up with a lot of extraneous prints - you can only control printing by transaction type, not by tender type.
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Check the printer properties for an option to autocut on a page break; we don't work with HP printers, we work with star printers which allow this setting on a "raster print options" tab in the printer properties...when the signature portion of the receipt is finished, printer detects the "page break" and autocuts before the customer receipt portion prints.....hope this helps
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Same issue with Epson printer that is 'supported' by RMS, however we are switching to Ingenico 6550 USB pin/signature capture pads to 'do away' with paper receipts that will dissolve in a year anyways.
I'd be interested if someone does have a solution for cutting the paper on this receipt. It just selects a single XML receipt format to print 2 receipts & must not have the code built in to the XML file to 'cut' in between.
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This issue is very common especially when you not using an OPOS driver. The receipt templates in Microsoft ar configured to work with OPOS drivers. Make that you use an OPOS drivers instead of windows driver.
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Go into the windows properties of the HP printer, search for a section where you can define a page cut / page cut when it detects end page/ end doc - that should do it.
Hope this helps
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