cannot connect to server, can't find server

help!!! I started RMS from scratch did everything you need to do to start
using RMS but then after a few months i started up my PC and cannot connect
to a server ( it is a local server only one machine) Now can't use the POS
or Manager let alone use the administrator...please help...
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Look at the botton left hand corner of your computer screen in the System Tray next to were you clock is, there should be an icon there that is called somthing like this: Running - \\SomeName - MSSQLServer and it looks like a Tower PC with a little white circle and inside the circle there should be a green arrow pointing to the right. If there isn't, go to the Start menu --> All Programs or Program Files --> Start up folder and click on Service Manager when the little window pops up check the button that says 'Auto-start service when OS starts' and then press the Start button. Now try and open SO POS or SO Manager. Close the little window. If the icon is there and it has a red square instead of a green circle, double click on the icon and make sure the 'Auto-start service when OS starts' is checked and then press the Start button. Close the little window.
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I haven't run into this situation, and don't particularly want to test it, but I remember reading quite a while ago that if you change your computer name for any reason, you lose your SQL connection. Is this true?
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