Server error 139: Can't read register

I am running a register using Windows XP with SP2, and I have recently moved
the register to the other side of the store. Ever since, I am now getting the
error when starting the soposuser.exe ONLY: Server Failure 139: A server
failure occurred while attempting to read the register.
Now the only change that has happened here is that I physically moved the
computer and its peripherals (A Starmicronics tsp100 line printer and an
ingenico 6550 magnetic card swiper). The only physical change is from one
network switch to another, the register uses a static IP.
I can still access every other resource, such as the SQL server, other
computer shares, the internet, etc.. But can't get to that PoS program. When
I use the SOAdmin.exe program to change the register number to another
(already active register), it gets past the first server error and just tells
me of the conflict. It will not let me start the PoS with the register's
rightful register number. I have gone into the Management program and checked
all of the registers, all registers are all active and have carbon-copy
settings except for the number itself.
This has me quite confused, I have only recently been introduced to this
system and the old IT guy had left in a fit of rage, contacting him is out of
the question. Thanks in advance for any help.
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