Error 3704 when using client

CStateHi, Im quite new to RMS and have been thrown in at the deep end with it
having taken on a role with a business as the IT manager.
I am getting an error when connecting Headquarters client to Client server
Error 3704: Operation is not allowed while
object is closed.
Anyone got any Idea???
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HI Woodface,
This happend to me last time and it seems it has somthing to do with the OS.Try restoring the backup of your database in a separate you can isolate the issue.
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Joseph Franco M
I've faced this problem was that the password of the login used in HQ Server configuration was changed while the application is running, i solved it by stopping HQ Server, change the 'sa' password in Configuration to match the new password, then start (Play) HQ Server
I'm not sure if this is the only reason, but i guess it's anyways related to having something wroon with the sql server session used by HQ Server
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