need to organize custom reports

I keep downloading all new custom reports but im having a problam sorting
them I have to many to go thru every time I need one.
Does anyone know how to sort them into the regular report sections for
example if its related to sales I should be able to find it under sales
reports, if its related to customers I should be able to find it under
customer reports, if its related to items I should be able to find it under
items reports etc..etc..?
Help me get organized,
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The are organized by there file names. For example, sales begin with a sales -, customer is customer -, look in your report directory and it's fairly obvious.
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it seems as though the regular report section is hard coded because the only way i i can get it in the proper section is if I totaly replace the new custom report title with one of the existing titles and i change the existing one to somthing else. I dont want to replace I want to add reports any ideas?
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