Why am I getting a Server Busy dialog box?

I'm having a problem - i'm getting a "server busy" dialog box (the one
with the "switch to" and "retry" buttons) and have no idea why. I have
tested my software on some machines and it works fine, however on
others it causes this problem.
I've written a component that is called as a microsoft dynamics rms
v2 hook. The component is written for the .net 2.0 framework and is
also registered as com callable. It exposes a very simple interface:
one method which blocks until it completes its work, and then returns
a boolean to indicate success or failure. Needless to say, its a very
simple interface. RMS calls my software via the COM interface. My
software displays a GUI, does a few things, and then returns the
boolean. The problem is that when that boolean is returned, my screen
disappears and control "should" be returned to RMS, however RMS sits
there blankly, like control has not been returned. Clicking inside the
window produces the "server busy" dialog. Clicking the "switch to"
button in that dialog causes control to finally be returned to RMS and
it continues on normally.
I'd like some pointers on:
* an idea of what this problem might be and
how to debug this problem
At this stage I have no idea what might be causing the problem.
Any help is appreciated.
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