Zebra Label Printer is skiping label after each label.

I am using Zebra LP 2824 Label printer. I modied on of the Avery 5160 Label
and using it with this printer.
Every thing is working fine with this printer, but it skip label after each
Label 1: Printed Label
Label 2: Blank
Label 3: Printed Label
Label 4: Blank
Label 5: Printed Label
Label 6: Blank
I cahnged all the setting in label, 1 row, 1 colum etc
Any suggestion how to fix this problem.
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Perhaps the label format is overlapping onto a second page, check the magins on the label.
Regards, Don
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Also check the windows driver setup. Make sure the driver is set for the label you are using and that the gap setting is set correctly.
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if you have checked all the configuration in the windows driver, you might want to uninstall that for the meantime then add you label printer as a generic/text printer.
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