Any reactions to QuickBooks 2006 PRO R6 patch?

The QuickBooks PRO 2006 R6 patch seems to have been available
for about 3 weeks. I haven't seen much in this newsgroup about
it. After all the problems with the R5 patch, I was reluctant to
install R6 right away. I have seen a few issues in the forums,
but it is not clear if they would effect very many users.
Have people installed the R6 patch?
Is it working OK?
One Enterprise user complained that it effected his P&L reports
(Some expenses stopped getting reported). Has anyone seen this
with QuickBooks 2006 PRO?
Thanks for any feedback you can provide.
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Ken Wampach
As far as I know, R6 has been a smooth update. I don't know of anyone who did the update having any R6 specific issues. FWIW.
Also, my understanding is that in R6 performance should be better for people using multi-user mode.
I say go for it.
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Agreed, bit the bullet and installed R6 about a week and a half ago. Some speed improvement and in one of the updates the fixed being able to use the space bar to select items from lists again. (not sure which update did it, am coming from R3) Everything has been very smooth with no problems.
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Leo Navoichick
I had three companies in QP Pro 2006 that quite working. Uploaded them to Intuit Data Services after subscribing to one years tech support for $299. The companies were repaired in a little less than two weeks each and they ran fine after the repair. When the Data Services technician phoned me to advise the final company/file was repaired and ready for download the last words out of her mouth were, "Get R6". That was about two weeks ago. As I live in a rural area and am on a dial up modem the 49 MB download took between 7 and 8 hours. Connected then went to bed. In the morning the download was complete. The installation felt like I was installing QB all over again. But Pro now runs correctly.
Since the Intuit Data Services file repairs and the R6 installation I've experienced no problems on the six companies I maintain.
Best regards, Bill E.
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Bill E.

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