quickbooks pro enterprise licensing

hi all,
i need info on exactly how quickbooks pro enterprise edition is licensed.
i am not the admin for our system, but have been asked to help with this
we purchased 2 - 5 user license packs, but our admin says only 1 can be
installed and used.
i understand, from the quickbooks website, that the enterprise edition can
have up to 10 concurrent users.
is there something that the admin is missing? is there anything special
that needs to be done to add in the additional 5 user pack?
we are running qb on a client server network local to our building.
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I'm not sure of this, but I thought that the QBooks Enterprise edition was only sold with a 10 user version. I don't think you can add more users than that.
Mike Schumann
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Mike Schumann
The maximum number of users for the PRO edition is 5. The maximum number of users for the ENTERPRISE edition is 10. PRO and ENTERPRISE are 2 different editions. First determine what you've actually got.
edition can
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