Please help - newbie accidentally set up payroll

I'm an independent consultant. I use quickbooks because my accountant
recommended it - I think it is too complicated.
I track my jobs using the employee weekly timesheet. I had been using about
1 year with no major incidents. I don't know why but today it asked some
question about payroll and I clicked when I should have read. Now my
timesheet has another item for employee payroll item. I don't want that/use
that. Now it is just one more thing for me to look at that serves no
How can I get my timesheet back to where it was without that column - which
is now a requirement.
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Thanks - If I do that is there a way to import the all the employee data I input? I spent about 2 hours inputting the data.
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From the QB Help File:
If the Payroll Item field doesn't appear for certain employees, it means that you did not set up QuickBooks to use timesheet data when you write paychecks to those employees. The first time you enter an employee's name on a time entry form, QuickBooks asks you if you want to use timesheet data when you pay the employee. If you answer Yes, you'll always see the Payroll Item field when you enter the employee' s hours. If you answer No, the Payroll Item field does not appear.
Extrapolating on this.... there is an option in the Employee list for 'Use time data to create paychecks'. One or more of your employees now has this option checked. To remove the column, open the employee list and edit each employee. On the tab for Payroll and Compensation Info, UNcheck the option.
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