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I am having a very strange problem with open purchase orders in QB 2007. We have several purchase orders where the item was received in full, but ended up being defective and was returned for credit. The PO shows "Received in Full". The Item Receipt was converted into a Bill. A Credit was created and then taken against the Bill. The Bill now shows as paid in full. After this series of transactions the PO is received and the Bill is paid. Yet on the standard Quickbooks Open Purchase Orders report these POs remain. Since the Received attribute for these POs is "Yes" and the PO Report is set to filter on Received attribute equal to "No" I do not see how it is possible that these POs can be appearing.
Can someone explain this and how to get rid of those POs from the report?
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Please see our latest solution:
Open PO Reporting Tool - In QuickBooks, the open purchase orders report shows the entire value of outstanding purchase orders, however, when you receive part of the purchase order, you will need a report showing what is outstanding only, excluding items/values of received items. This is exactly possible in our Open PO reporting tool.
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Okay, but the POs I am talking about have NO OPEN ITEMS, yet they still appear on the Open PO report. That looks like a bug.
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Try opening the PO in question, change the date to the year 2030 and save and close it. Re-open the PO and change the date back. It's a cheesy little trick and doesn't explain why this issue happens but I have found it works well for me.
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