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Can someone give me a referral to a really good Quickbooks
advisor/consultant near San Jose, California? The key words here are
"really good". I ran the list of advisors on the Intuit web site and I'm
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I ran the same list of advisors on Intuit's web site and was overwhelmed by the number of choices. Call up your accountant and pose the question.
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Haskel LaPort
I would run the report again but specify that you are looking for someone that is Certified on the Enterprise Edition. That will narrow your search down significantly.
Or pose your question here. The features of Enterprise are not that different from Pro/Premier and someone might be able to help you. There are several Certified QB pro advisors on this list.
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Try Reisa, at Minding Your Profits. I've dealt with her and she's great. I know she has a great group of consultants she'll refer you to if she cant meet your needs.
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