which version of Quickbooks do I need for my small business?

We have a small trucking company (26 drivers and 4 office/admin. people). We
want to use Quickbooks for payroll and for paying bills. We have accountants for
quarterly and end-of-year reports and we want to keep it that way.
My questions:
Do we need one program just for payroll and another for paying bills?
Should we link our computers together and have joint access or have two separate
Quickbooks programs?
Quickbooks Pro seems like more than we need.
I appreciate any advice.
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"Dayle" wrote
You don't need separate stand alone programs. You want them to be interconnected, so buy one version and network two or more computers, getting the multi-user software if need be. You can give access to various parts of the program to various office workers, so you can assign one to handle the payroll and the others wouldn't have access to that, but could work with the payables and receivables, etc.
If you have an outside accounting firm, I'd get their suggestions as to the type of software you should get. After all, you would want to be able to call on them for help if/when you need to.
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