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I am unable to connect to the Internet via Q2006. I connect directly via a
cable modem. I do not have a router. I do not run a firewall, either 3rd
party or the Windows XP pro firewall. I have no other connectivity problems
with IE, Firefox, etc.
(I do have a Linksys router, but I bypassed it for troubleshooting.)
I have also completely uninstalled my Norton Anti-virus.
I have removed Q2006, removed all references in the registry, and
re-installed it.
I use IE7, and have made sure that the Security level is "Default", which
defaults to "Medium High" for IE7. For troubleshooting, I am allowing all
cookies. I have disabled the popup blocker, and anti-phishing stuff in IE7.
I have turned on just about every possible Windows service (except the
Windows firewall, of course).
Yet, after all this, I still cannot connect via Quicken 2006.
Is there something else I can try? I am desperate to get this working
because I track all my business expenses, and need to download them.
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Buck Turgidson
If you are running XP then one last solution would be to uninstall IE7 and revert back to IE6. IE7 has been known to cause various problems with programs that use Internet explorer in the background. Quicken is one of those programs.
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Thanks Laura. The only reason I have IE7 is that I installed it while trying to fix this problem. So, the problem occurred with IE6 as well.
Thanks for your help.
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Buck Turgidson
Don't know if this would help your problem at all, but the only way I can download transactions, directly from my financial institution into Quicken 07, using IE7, is to hold down the ctrl key whilst clicking the submit button to download. I don't use Quicken to connect, I just log into my bank's website in IE7, and then have to do that in order to be able to download my transactions.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I download directly using Quicken. I believe that behind the scenes, Quicken actually uses the IE services in a pass-through type of arrangement.
I've been reading on the Intuit website that there have been some conflicts between MSFT patches and Quicken patches. While it is nice to have an indication of the problem, it doesn't solve it.
I installed MS Money and am able to download just fine.
After using Quicken since 1994, it may be time to switch.
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Buck Turgidson
"Buck Turgidson" wrote in news:LBrdj.25439$ snipped-for-privacy@newsfe24.lga:
Lately there was a MS update that deepsixed Quicken help (which was really "rented" from another company). It took longer than many wanted, but it was fixed. That's life. Something relatively new is/was interfering with my Acer laptop's ethernet port. Result is that it really does not like to shut down. Supposedly a Marvell Yukon update is fixing the problem, but I'm not 100 % sure it did. I'll live with it ...
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Beware - I switched in 2005 for six months. I was very unhappy with the product. Read their website and determine Money's software issues.
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Data corruption was my main complain closely follow by a slow user interface and unstable download. Much on the links in the software (too many links?) lead to advertised sites. I did not like how they treated 401(k) accounts. On the plus side - I like the reports much better then Quicken. 2005 was not a very good year for Money - but I am certain they improved since then.
If you track newsgroups - Money with a smaller set of users attracts much more volume this this newsgroup. Keep in mind that many people that write to a newsgroup are searching for a solution to a problem or have a complaint. Like Quicken, there are many happy Money users.
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