Community Discussion: Lose the link between my checking account and the Asset account that I transfer it to

Lose the link between my checking account and the Asset account that I transfer it to
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I have found a similar problem in Q2020 R26.17.
I can not be certain that my problem is exactly the same as the original poster's in the above discussion, as there is insufficient information in the initial post in that discussion. At the least, there is no mention of Quicken version/release and no mention of whether the transactions were downloaded.
In my case I had [Unspecified Account] placed in the category field of multiple transactions, immediately following a Validate. The problem I experienced appears to indicate a bug in the Q2020 R26.17 Validate routine.
I validated one of my test files; as with most of my test files, I do not endeavor to keep that test file accurate.
The problem occurred for transactions with the conditions listed below, only in a Bank of American online-enabled checking account:
- The transactions were downloaded check transactions which had never been manually modified
- The transactions had a valid check number in the check number field
- The transactions had "Check" in the Payee field
- The transactions had a blank Category field
- The transactions had a blank Memo field
- The transactons had a valid non-zero amount in the Payment field
Following the Validate, all but four of the above transactions had [Unspecified Account] placed in the Category field by the Validate ... and each one of those transactions was also listed in the Validate DATA_LOG as having this problem:
"The following transaction(s) were linked to account(s) that are no longer in Quicken. Quicken has changed them to indicate that the account was deleted. Please check them and set the category or destination account correctly. Make sure that this does not duplicate transactions."
Since all of my original transactions had a blank Category field, none could possibly have been " ... linked to account(s) that [were] no longer in Quicken". [Note: I suppose, in theory, the affected transactions could have had undisplayable garbage in their Category field, which Quicken interpreted as being a transfer categorie - a Null character followed by a left square bracket, for example.]
I could find nothing about the four, previously mentioned, transactions that could seemingly be responsible for them not getting changed by the Validate. [The only apparent differences were Downloaded Posting Date and Payment - and the transactions that were changed also had varying Downloaded Posting Dates and Payment amounts.]
I had a couple of transactions in the same account that had the exact same conditions, except I had modified the Payee field from "Check" to a valid Payee name and assigned a valid Category. Those few transactions did not have their Category field changed to [Unspecified Account]. I suspect that it was the fact that the Category field contained a valid non-transfer category that caused them not to get changed.
In that same BofA account, I have check transactions with Payee names that were not "Check" and Categories that were transfers to another account (which does exist): none of them were modified by the Validate either.
[I have never explicitly Synced any of my Quicken files to the Cloud.]
I could not reproduce the problem in Q2020 R27.24.
The above may not be sufficient information to pin down the cause; but perhaps it can help in doing so, and act as a caution to those who have any of the aforementioned conditions.
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