Community Discussion: How to enter a transaction in reminders that will show in security history?

How to enter a transaction in reminders that will show in security history?
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Contrary to the first response in the above discussion, there is a Quicken Reminder option that allows the user to enter security transactions: it's known as a "Scheduled Transaction Group" (see the "Add" dropdown in Tools > Manage Bill & Income Reminders).
But, given the nature of many (most?) true investment transactions, using a Reminder to enter them is problematic.
A "Scheduled Transaction Group" works as follows:
- the user "memorizes" one (or more) existing investment transactions that accomplish the purpose intended for the Scheduled Transaction Group
- then the user creates a Scheduled Transaction Group, which allows the user to select one, or more, memorized investment transactions to be part of the Group
- the Scheduled Transaction Group can be basically scheduled as other Reminders can; and when the Scheduled Transaction Group is Entered (in the specified investment account), all of the Group's memorized investment transactions are entered in that investment account
For the specifics of the discussion above, a user would:
- memorize an existing investment transaction that reinvests income into the specific CD security in question
- create a Scheduled Transaction Group which selects that specific memorized reinvested CD income transaction (the investment account, where the Scheduled Transaction Group transaction(s) are to be posted, must be chosen first in order to be able to designate the Group as an "Investment" Group - which then makes the memorized investment transactions available for selection).
Using Scheduled Transaction Groups for investment transactions is problematic because the number of shares and the price per share for investment transactions are so often not the same for every such transaction. In many (most?) cases, the desired result will require modifying the resulting investment transactions once they have been Entered, to modify the number of shares, and/or the price/share (or Total Amount).
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