Community Discussion: Bills and Reminders account box too short and also displays inactive accounts

Bills and Reminders account box too short and also displays inactive accounts
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The width of the Reminders graph account dropdown is not a bug.
There are typically about 19/20 characters available for account names in that dropdown - which is more characters than are available on the Quicken report customize Accounts tab (there are about 2 less characters available on that customize tab).
[In my account names, I often include an multiple-character identifier for the financial institution, and another multiple-character identifier for the person who owns the account, and I have no problem distinguishing names in the Bill & Income Reminders graph account dropdown. Both my identifiers appear at the beginning of the account name.]
And if the dropdown width is insufficient for a user (and the user can not, or will not, alter their account naming scheme); that same Bill & Income Reminders graph account dropdown has a choice of "Multiple accounts ...." which, when clicked (while the dropdown is displayed), presents a window that lists all the accounts that are in the drop down ... that window displays at least 23 characters per name.
[The actual number of characters allowed appears to depend on which font and which specific characters are used. Numbers above are based on using the same ("normal") account name in each place. I got a 40 character account name (the max characters in an account name) to appear in the Reminders account dropdown, when the account name consisted of all lower-case i's. ]
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I should have mentioned that when the "Multiple accounts ...." window is displayed, the hidden accounts are displayed in parentheses, making it much easier to notice they are hidden.
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