Community Discussion: Online Payee List Problem with "USE" Function - fails with Bank of America

Online Payee List Problem with "USE" Function - fails with Bank of America
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As is too often the case, some users join a discussion primarily to complain, without reading the entire discussion carefully, and/or asking questions before they post.
The original poster in the above linked discussion has found a legitimate bug; but that bug does NOT prevent scheduling billpay transactions after 8/31/2020.
The bug only affects billpay transactions entered via Tools > Online (which is where you get when you start with the Online Payee list, select a Payee, and click the "Use" button). That is the approach that the Subject and the original post in the above discussion is referring to.
A different user (a "software professional") joined the discussion to complain that he could not schedule ANY online billpay with BofA after 8/31/2020.
But the software professional's statement is false: I have online billpay with BofA and I have no problem scheduling a bill (in Quicken) to be paid by BofA after 8/31/2020.
If you enter the Quicken billpay transaction with a to-be-paid date (a "transaction date") later than 8/31/2020 directly in the Quicken account register, then do a One Step Update (or an Update Now), the billpay transaction will be scheduled with BofA (and I suspect any other financial institution that accepts billpay instructions from Quicken). I have tested this (in Quicken 2020 for Windows, R28.10), and it works.
It is definitely not necessary to revert to an earlier version of Quicken.
[I have always entered my billpay transactions directly in the BofA check register, and I plan to continue to do so; I never found any other approach to offer anything better.]
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John Pollard
The "software professional" may not be making a false statement. Maybe you do not experience the problem he is facing. Or, maybe he is wrong, and just not doing it properly, as you suggest.
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Taxed and Spent
Or you may not have read my post clearly.
The false part of the "software professional's" statement is that the statement claimed it was not possible to schedule any online billpay transactions with BofA after 8/31/20.
But it IS possible to schedule online billpay transactions later than 8/31/20 with BofA, I (and at least one other in the referenced discussion) have done it.
The only restriction - as I already noted - is that you can not schedule the post 8/31/20 billpay transaction using Tools > Online (you must schedule it in the Quicken payment account register).
Using Tools > Online is not "wrong": that approach has worked in the past and should still be working, but now that approach is experiencing a bug (which I believe Quicken has acknowledged.). I have reproduced that bug.
The "software professional" made a statement for which he had no evidence; and that statement has been proven false. As soon as his preferred approach failed, he rushed to publicly complain without taking the time to determine if a different approach would work.
My original claim stands.
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John Pollard
By the way, it should not need saying, but I called the statement "false" for a specific reason: the reason being that I was not claiming the poster was lying; just that his statement was wrong (i.e.: false)
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John Pollard
by the way: "A different user (a "software professional") joined the discussion to complain that he could not schedule ANY online billpay with BofA after 8/31/2020."
That ****HE**** could not schedule. That may very well be true.
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Taxed and Spent
FYI: I just reviewed the above linked discussion. For those interested, there is yet another approach that allows the user to avoid the bug and schedule online billpay transactions later than 8/31/20.
With the Online Payee List open, select the payee, then click the "Pay" button. A dialog box will appear with boxes to enter all the necessary info to complete an online billpay instruction, with a date later than 8/31/20.
What's more, there is already a patch (R28.16) out that is said to fix the online billpay scheduling bug (but I think the patch is current only being released to a selected subset of users - as per Quicken's current criteria for releasing patches).
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John Pollard

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