Community Discussion: Return SAVE button to last version please!

Return SAVE button to last version please!
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The original poster in the above discussion says, "The floppy disk icon is too small ....".
I think some people have too much time on their hands, and are too inclined to use that time to complain.
This complaint is about as unwarranted as they get - and, as is often the case - shows zero awareness of the interests of anyone but the commenter. [I much prefer that all three "Action Buttons" remain the small icons they now are, as that gives me more room for other transaction information to be displayed. I need reading glasses, but I have no problem successfully clicking any of those three buttons, the first time I try.]
All three of what are now called "Action Buttons" (in non-investment account registers), once contained text describing their purpose. From left to right the text in those buttons originally read, "Enter", "Edit", "Split".
Over the years, the register Edit and Split buttons lost their text and became icons (and the Enter button had its text shortened to Save) - but the purpose of each button was always discernible by holding the cursor on the button ... as one can still do. And seeing the popup description of the button's purpose should insure that the function of the button will be performed when the button is clicked.
Where was the hue and cry when the first two "Action Buttons" had their text removed and became icons, and why are users now complaining about the size of the new Save icon, not complaining about the size of the Edit and Split icons (which are the same size as the new Save icon)?
Putting the current complaint in perspective, there are a great number of clickable objects in Quicken that are the same size as the new Save icon:
- register/transaction-list "Action Bar" buttons (above the register/transaction-list heading row)
- non-investment register transaction buttons to "Clear all split lines" and to "Create a mini-category report"
- non-investment account column choice gear-wheel icon
- all buttons for opening dropdown lists
- the buttons across the top of the Account Bar (which allow the user to: Update Accounts; Add Account; Manage Accounts)
- the buttons alongside each Account Bar account group (such as Banking, Investing and Property & Debt)
- all selection boxes in Customize dialogs for reports, graphs, and widgets
There may be more, but these should suffice to make the point.
With all those different tiny items to click, what makes the new "Save" icon so special ... so difficult to click?
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John Pollard
The more salient fact is that Alt+A invoked the Save command (the 'a' was underlined). That shortcut has been lost.
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Bob W.
I think you have commented on the wrong discussion; the discussion referred to here has nothing to do with Alt+a: I commented on that in a different discussion here.
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John Pollard
Yeah, I found that other thread later.
Regarding this thread, and the smaller size of the new button, see Fitts's Law. There is some math involved, but it's easily simplified. Among other conclusions, it proves that users can hit bigger targets more quickly than smaller targets.
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Bob W.
Seems more obvious - even without any "law" - than informative to this thread.
The users in the referenced discussion are complaining that the new icon is "too small". But that new icon is the same size as the multitude of other objects in Quicken which require the user to place their cursor on them to use them.
So how have users coped in the past, and how will users cope in the future, with all those "too small" Quicken objects ... which will remain "too small" even if the Save button is restored?
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John Pollard

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