Community Discussion: An Action "quickfill" has gone missing

An Action "quickfill" has gone missing
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The MiscExp choice has not been available in the Action dropdown for IRA accounts since at least Q2010 (which also means there has been no quickfill for MiscExp in the Action dropdown since Q2010).
However, MiscExp has always been available in the "Enter Transactions" dialog (and the "Edit" transaction button) for IRA accounts.
MiscExp is not the only Action unavailable in the Action dropdown in IRA accounts: most of the nnnnX Action values (such as BoughtX and SoldX) are also missing from the IRA Action dropdown, though (as with MiscExp) you can also accomplish the same purpose by using the "Enter Transactions" dialog (or the "Edit" transaction) button.
Tested in Q2010, Q2012, Q2017 and Q2020 R29.12
[MiscExp is available in the Action dropdown in regular and 401k investment accounts in Q2020 R29.12 (and, I believe, in previous versions of Quicken as well).]
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