discover auto recolcines with every download

I'm still having trouble with my discover account. I've checked the account settings and "use online balance for reconcile" is *NOT* checked, but the damn account still comes up with "online reconcile" if I do an expliclt reconcile.
I say "explicit" because it has started doing an amusing thing: every time I download transactions, accept them and hit "done" it immediately opens up a reconcile window. I cancel it but I can't find the setting that is making it happen. ???
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Bernie Cosell
" ... every time I download transactions, accept them and hit 'done' it immediately opens a reconcile window".
That's known as an automatic reconcile and it is an option when reconciling to an online balance.
I can't reproduce your problem, but your problem description tells me that Quicken believes that you have chosen "Reconcile to an online balance" - regardless of what you see on the Online Services tab of the Edit Account Details for the account. It shouldn't happen, but it appears that it has.
The only suggestion I can think of to attempt to "correct" the problem is to: - actually put a checkmark in "Reconcile to an online balance" - initiate a reconcile - cancel the reconcile - remove the checkmark from "Reconcile to an online balance" - initiate a reconcile
If you are now presented with the dialog for reconciling to a paper statement, you should be ok. [Also note the options at the bottom of the dialog; namely: Use online balance; Always use Online Balance; and Auto reconcile downloaded transactions - I would make sure none of those options has a checkmark]
If the above process does not work, you might consider creating a new account. Then either transfer just the balance of the old account to the new account, or move all the transactions from the old account to the new account. Then deactivate the old account for downloading and activate the new account for downloading.
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John Pollard
I just thought of one other possibility: before trying a new Quicken account; you could try deactivating the current account for downloads, then re-activating it again. That might reset the "Reconcile to an online balance option.
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John Pollard

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