downloading from Fidelity

I have been getting a very annoying recurring message after my download of
investment transactions from Fidelity. As it processes the transactions, I
get this message, after virtually every download:
Quicken can't find the security "NoSym1113673" in your security list.
Please choose a security that matches, or click "Add as New Security" to
automatically add it to your security list.
I have no idea whether this is specific to Fidelity, or could happen with
other financial institution downloads. At any rate, I can¹t figure out what
these mysterious securities are, and how to get rid of this message, so that
it does not keep coming back.
Has anyone seen or heard of this issue?
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Ignat Solzhenitsyn
I have noticed that there are duplicate transactions periodically. Anyone else having this problem? What's going on??
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