keeping backups

I'm fairly conservative about backups, but I wonder if I'm being too
conservative. I have 600+ quicken backups dating back to 2012. That
strikes me as madness [actually, really just laziness]. What's your rule
of thumb for deleting old backups?
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Bernie Cosell
I?m right there with you, Bernie. I had a hard drive fail many years ago which lost all my files. So, lesson learned I told myself & began over-compensating by Backing Up each session?s use to hard drive, flash drive, portable hard drive & on-line storage. I can?t bring myself to Delete any of it. A bit looney, I know.
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In Quicken, I only keep 5 automatic backups and 1 manual backup. However, I am using Window's File History to maintain backups hourly for a month and monthly there after on an external drive. I also use Duplicati to maintain 3 months of daily backups, followed by 3 months of weekly backups, followed by 6 monthly backups all on cloud storage. In addition, I maintain 3 monthly system images and weekly Windows backups on an external drive. I stlll have access (laziness) to over 20 backup data files saved when I upgraded Quicken annually. Disk space is cheap.
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I keep the last 5 uses, then when I remember, snapshot one or two for a year or two back. In decades of using Quicken, I can only recall needing to use a backup once or twice. And even then, it was just going back a day or so.
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Arthur Conan Doyle
Backups don't take much space on a flash drive (or whatever media you're using) and the laws of nature tell us you'll immediately need whatever backup you delete and if you never delete any you'll never need any so..... <G>
I hang onto all of 'em. Why not? Mine go back to Windows 3.0 and DOS 5! Could any of these be restored? No, of course not but I have the space (for the older backups it's drawer space for 3.5" floppys and I have no way to even read them!) so again, why not?
Yes, now that you mention it, i AM lazy!
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Unless the backup is physically off site you are exposed to complete loss in a fire or natural disaster. Cloud backup is cheap and automatic.
I've never used any other backups than yesterday, or maybe a few days before, to redo a mistake in my managing of my data.
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Marc Auslander

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