Prompted to add acount after one step update?

All of a sudden (not sure what triggered it) after every one step
update, I'm prompted to add a Schwab account. I do have two Schwab
accounts - checking and savings, however they are closed accounts and
set to no for download of anything. I don't see anything obvious
triggering it. Q2016, latest updates. Any ideas?
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Evan Platt
I suspect you may still have Schwab Bank state being maintained on an Intuit/Quicken Server.  To clear all the state associated with the data file on an Intuit/Quicken server, I suggest you deactivate the Online Services of all of the registers using the Express Web Connect connection method, open the Online Center, and press Ctrl + Shift and select Update/Send, Reset CC Credentials, OK, and OK and then delete the Quicken Cloud data set associated with the data file:
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