Quicken 2017 linked checking acct

I have Q2017 and a pretty good-sized database. One of my investment
accounts is at a brokerage and in the past there was a "sweep" fund that
picked up any cash, but they did away with it and now any cash is moved
to a "bank". So it seemed to me that a solution to updating my account
would be to create a linked checking account per quicken help in the
According to the "help", this is done by selecting an option in the
investment account settings which I did.
Quicken then started doing something (no idea what) in the background.
Every so often a dialog box would pop up saying that a transaction could
not be converted and did I want to delete it yes/no. I just started
clicking no as there was no info at all on what transaction this would
be and no idea what the result would be of deleting it. This went on
for about 10 mins and no indication how much longer it would take.
There was also a cancel dialog box displayed and after a few attempts on
clicking it eventually it did stop whatever it was doing. There was no
indication that the changes were rolled back or just what state the
database was in after all this. So I blew the database away and
restored the most recent backup of a few days ago.
I guess this is a warning not to try to change an investment account to
use a linked checking account, unless someone has any more insight on
just what Quicken is doing when you attempt to make this change and how
to determine if it went OK or not.
I think what I want to do is just create a new checking account with
zero balance and manually transfer cash from/to the investment account
as needed.
scott s.
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Scott, Is this a RETAIL brokerage account? Or some sort of tax-deferred account (IRA, etc)?
AND, is this at Fidelity?
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danbrown wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@googlegroups.com:
retail -- Schwab. They used to have a handful of "sweep" accounts that had ticker symbols and reported like a typical money market fund. In the past, online updates would never capture cash sweep events. I would have to enter the transactions manually so there are many "buys" mainly related to dividends.
scott s. .
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