Credit card transaction limit?

Is is possible to have a credit card with a transaction limit, seperate from
the overall spending limit?
For example, overall spending limit 1,000, limit on any individual
transaction, 250.
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We have business credit cards which work exactly like that (from Barclaycard). So it is possible, but whether it's available to non business customers I don't know.
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There is nothing in principle to prevent this. The only problem is that each merchant has a floor limit. Transactions below the floor limit will be authorised locally, rather than by contacting the auth centre. If this floor limit exceeded your transaction limit, this would not be detected. However in practice, to minimise fraud, most merchants have a floor limit of zero.
Wait for some bank to offer this, then hide in the small print that transactions above the agreed transaction limit will be allowed, but you will be charged a 15 "handling fee". I recall that when you exceeded your credit limit, they used to just increase it. Now they either decline transactions or punish you with a charge. I guess these people have to fund these 0% deals somehow!
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At 21:19:03 on 17/04/2005, BrianW delighted by announcing:
Although it is entirely possible (and I suspect actually being utilised for certain customers) with Chip & PIN where the card can hold its own floor limits.
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