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I copy the following threat from a user called Rob some time ago and save it on my desktop for future reference. I hope this is what you are asking for.
"Are you asking if you can have the word Invoice appear at the top of the page instead of Work Order? If so, then yes you can. You'll have to modify your receipt as below: Make a copy of your receipt and name it 40columnWorkOrderasInvoice.xnl or FullPageWorkOrderasInvoice.xml Full Page - modify the Header 40 Column - modify the PrintTransactionType Change Transaction.ReceiptTransactionName To "Invoice" Save your changes and login to Store Ops Manager --> Database --> Register --> Receipt Formats go to the properties of your receipt. Click the magnifying glass next to Work Orders and select your newly created receipt. Say no to "do you want to update all transactions to blah blah blah" and save the changes.
If this is not what you are asking for the please clarify.
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I tried that and got a compiler error Token "Invoice" was not found. Even if this worked I need it to say Invoice for an account sale and Receipt for a cash sale. I saw a thread at the beginning of this forum about this, but wasn't sure where to insert it. I've tried several ways, but get an error.
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What JuanSe posted is a way to change the WorkOrder transaction type to say Invoice instead of WorkOrder. Just a note the reason you are getting the Token Invoice was not found error is because you did not place the sting in (" ") quotes. The compiler was thinking that Invoice was a variable but could not find it. About your question you need to replace the following text:
In Sub PrintTransactionType with the code below:
Tender.Descriptor.TenderType = tenderAccount
Tender.AmountIn <> 0 | Tender.AmountInRounding <> 0 "Invoice" Transaction.ReceiptTransactionName
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