Hook at print time. Hook #1

I have a hook running a print time. The problem I am having is my hook needs
to have the transaction saved first before the hook runs and the only time I
can see that happening before printing is the before print hook #1. The
problem I am having is the hook is supposed to update the transaction just
updated and then print and the XML receipt file is supposed to use some of
the information just saved. It seems that even though this hook is supposed
to be before print time that it is actually formulating the XML file and
getting the receipt ready before the hook is ran.
Does anyone know exactly how this hook works (the hook #1) ? The actual
process flow like is the XML receipt file actually getting started before the
hook runs, even thought the hook is supposed to be before any printing
starts? Ideas?
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I am updating the database transaction directly. Is that my problem? The XML receipt file is getting data from the session and not the database? Is there a way for me to get around this?
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Are you updating the transaction by writing to the database directly, or are you setting properties in the Session object as well? The Receipt is being printed from information in the Session, not the database.
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]
There are 10 Session Variables that you can use to store your information. These are accessible to the Receipt engine.
In your add-in: mySession.Variable(1) = "My String Value"
In your Receipt Template "My Label: |" Session.Variable1
Also, if you are changing existing values rather than inserting values that do not otherwise exist in RMS, you can change the values in the properties of the Session object. These changes should persist to the receipt. Really, this would be the preferred method for getting values into the database - you should only write directly to the database during a transaction if you are adding extended fields.
Hope that helps...
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

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