Modify # of Receipts Printed

Does anyone know of a way to modify the number of receipts/ick tickets/etc
that are printed depending on the transaction type, ex.:
1. On Account w/Delivery...print 1 Full Page Invoice & No Pick Ticket vs On
Account w/No Delivery...print 3 Full Page Invoices and 1pick Ticket ... no
Thermal Receipt for either.
2. Cash Transaction w/Delivery...print 2 Full Page Receipts &1 Thermal
Printer Receipt vs. Cash Transaction w/No Delivery..print 1 Full Page
Receipt, 1 Thermal Receipt & 1 Pick Ticket.
I know how to modify the # of each type of receipt we have via Store Ops
Manager (Database -> Register -> Receipt Formats...) but there is no option
to specify # to print depending on the transaction type.
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Burke, Tracylee
This can certainly be done, but it does require customizing the receipt template xml. If you are not able to get this going, this is certainly one of the services we offer, just drop me an email and we can discuss.
Thank you,
Ryan Sakry Program Manager
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320-230-2282 ext. 4002 (Office) 320-230-1796 (Fax)
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