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My client would like to use a fob (magnetic storage) to process transactions. I understand that I can create an add-in and launch it from the RMS system. Must all of the processing be handled by the external application or COM component or can the RMS receive a return value from the called application and then perform certain actions such as continuing to process the transaction.
Here is an example of a transaction....
Customer has a fob that currently holds $45 worth of "credit". He wishes to purchase a sweatshirt from the pro shop for $35. The fob works with a fob reader and an external application that stores the balance on the fob and records transactions. The RMS needs to allow the cashier to select "FOB" as the Tender Type and then launch the external application from either a special button or when the RMS attempts to process the transaction. The external fob reader needs to perform a succesful transactions for $35 using the fob and then tell the RMS that it is ok to continue.
I'm not sure of the best way to handle this type of transaction. Any thoughts or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Sean M. Severson
If a fob is the same as Contactless Payment - RFID, TPI Software has the ability to do this.
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