RMS Store Operations and POS error

First off, I am running XP SP2, SQL 2008 workgroup edition with SP1, RMS
2.0 with SP2.
Everything is a fresh install, RMS Headquarters administrator, manager and
server all work great and connect fine with the sql server. As soon I as
try to launch Store Manager or Store POS I get the error "Version
Mismatch, The current database is of version 0.00, while this application
requires version 2.01. Please run Store Operations Administrator to
correct this problem."
weird thing is my Store Operations Administrator opens just fine. I tried
to google this error, got nothing. Please help, any suggestions would be
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I think I have seen this error before when you try to configure RMS Store Operations to connect to a Headquarters Database. Make sure you connect Store Operations to a Store Database.
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