2006 Pro Multi-user XP Home?

Dear Group,
First off, thanks for being here to answer questions. I am a PC Technician
that has been hired to help a customer setup QB 2006 for multiuser. I am
also a QB pro 2006 user for my business.
The customer has a simple peer to peer network with 2 XP Home boxes. The
desktop is where the data file is located and the laptop is where he is
trying to connect in from. The desktop stores the data file in a shared
folder that the laptop can read/write to with no problems. The user has, so
far, been opening the data file on the desktop, selecting to be opened for
multiuser, and then trying to connect from the laptop. On the laptop, he
goes to file then open and then browses to the mapped drive (of the shared
folder on the desktop) and tries to open the file (in non multiuser mode).
When he tries this, it takes forever, then comes back with an error message
on the laptop (i forget exactly what it says), then an error on the desktop
that talks about losing connection to the file. He then closes QB on the
desktop and reopens it to find that his data file is now corrupt.
My task is to help him get this running, so I have been searching the
forums, downloaded the QB 2006 Network Installation Guide, and am now
wanting to ask you a few questions.
Based on what I have read, I have a few questions:
1. Is it possible to do multiuser networking with 2 XP Home machines? I read
from another user that the machine with the data file has to have XP Pro
(bare minimum).
2. The network install guide on page 7 talks about user accounts. I am kind
of confused because it says that each machine has to have a different
username but that the main machine with the data file has to have the
username from the 2nd machine added as an administrator (or poweruser). So
if the desktop logged in as Bob, and the laptop logged in as Sue, I would
just need to add the Sue account to the desktop, with the same password and
all should work right?
3. The network install guide also talks about passwords being essential (i
think it was the install guide). Currently, the user doesnt have passwords
on either of the machine's login accounts. When he turns them on, they go
immediately into windows. I assume that a lack of passwords could be another
problem he is having?
4. Lastly, the Network install guide (page 6, #5) talks about having to
configure QB to host files (opening in multiuser mode) and enabling the
database server. Other than opening the file in multiuser mode (and checking
that its hosting by pressing F2), do I need to do anything else to satisfy
the "enabling the database server" it talks about?
Thanks so much for reading this post. Unfortunately, I only have (1) single
licensed 2006 pro, so I can't test these solutions on my own off site in
order to answer them for myself. Thanks again!
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The difference between XP Home and Pro in this regard is only Pro can join a "domain." Home can't. I have no idea whether this affects your situation.
Yes. And I bet that's your problem. You have to tell QB on the host machine that it is to act as a "server."
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To do as HeyBub mentions, in the menu go to "Files" then "Utilities." "Host Multi-user Access" company will be in there.
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Leo Navoichick

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