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We currently have Premier Edition 2003 Release R10P and have gotten the
warning that we are close to the 14,500 records.
1. Is there any way to remove old and unsused records to back us away from
the 14,500?
2. Is there an upgrade price? When I called Intuit the guy told me that I
have to purchase the full version that they don't have any upgrade price or
path... can this really be true?
3. If we do elected to upgrade from Premier to Enterprise are there any
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You can use the condense feature and tell it to remove unused records.
By the way -- what record limit are you reaching? Check the help section about condensing to see if this may help you.
14,000 records is the limit of the QB package. If you need more room than this an upgrade to something larger is probably what you need anyway.
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Condensing the file will free up space and purge old records. I have read that it can cause problems. The common solution is to start a new file but most people elect to do this at the beginning of the financial year. If you do the condense route, make sure you make a backup of your company file before you proceed.
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Just a note: Backup is required before condensing ... and the system will perform that for you.
There are usually no problems with condensing files. A file this large should be condensed is sections - say 6 month to a year date spans per session. The original file will be saved regardless intact and you have a backup so really nothing is lost but your time doing it in the event the result is not satisfactory.
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That is interesting news. I have always been cautioned to NOT condense. I'll have to go back to my other source and ask them why they said that.
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someone at my office tried this option of condensing...it was a living nightmare.....first thing bad I noticed was any bills in the system to be paid prior to condense disappeared....lost some customer info...and other problems so we ended up justing starting the new year out with a new companu file..it worked great because I was able to export and delete and items or vendors and info I didn't want to carry out before I imported it into the new system. So suggestion woulb be to make sure all bills to vendors are paid up or not entered yet and then back up b4 attempting to condense.
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The condense must have been dated too recently. When condensing, you should only condense the last CLOSED year. EG. If right now I had 5 years, including the current year, 2005, I would condense only to December 31, 2003. I would leave 2004 open as you might have some entries to make that come from your accountant for year end, may have to look something up from last year etc.
Starting a new year is ok. Just make sure your balances are transferred as per your trial balance.
-- Stephanie Serba, AICIA Partner, Durham Business Outsource Accounting and Technology
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