Advantages of Q 2009?

I'm presently using Quicken Deluxe 2007 without too many
What are the advantages to upgrading to 2009? I ask this
particularly because of the difficulties people have had in
But even without those difficulties, what new features does
2009 offer?
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Hi, Louise.
As I recall, some people also had difficulties installing Q2008. And Q2007. And Q2006. (Shall I go on?)
No, I haven't tried to install Q2009 yet, but I expect installation to go smoothly. Of course, it might not, in which case I'll have to figure out how to make it work - just like I did when some previous versions didn't work the first time.
My not-so-subtle message is that EVERY version of every application presents problems for some users. But those problems are rarely insurmountable. And MOST of the time, the anticipated problems do not happen. And USUALLY the upgrades are worthwhile, although they might involve a learning curve.
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R. C. White
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Use the drop down menus to see "What's New and Cool in 2009"
I'm running Quicken 2008 and I've NEVER had any problem upgrading from 199? through 2008 but I don't see sufficient reason to upgrade now.
Maybe in a year or two?
If you decide the new version is worthwhile for your needs, I really doubt you'll have any problems upgrading.
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Don't use the fact that some folks posting here have problems. First off, it's the nature of newsgroups to tend to reflect negative experiences. Secondly, even if you do have problems installing, you can always revert back to the previous version (minus any data you added after the install).
Many of us have upgraded every year with absolutely no problems.
Keep in mind that there is no *requirement* that you upgrade. If the current version meets your requirements, then stay where you are. Just go to the Intuit web site and you can see the features that are available.
If you need/use on-line features, you may want to consider updating since you are close to the point where they will stop working (next year?).....
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Hank Arnold (MVP)
I looked the Quicken site and the upgrade price from 2008 appears to be the same the new buyers would pay - $49? Is this correct - no discount for previous users?
Charliec ****************************************************** Charliec
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Just an FYI, you can use the "coupons" feature of Quiken 2009 without having Quicken 2009. Just go to
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and sign up.
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I don't see any real advantage to 2009 over prior versions and do not recommend it.
Some new "features" that you may or may not like are: New UI with fat tabs taking up even more screen real estate. Quicken Picks.. where you let Inuit market products to you by using your financial data to target offers.
From my view.. very disappointing
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Thanks John for the link.
I read with interest in the thread that one of the features of 2009 is the ability to modify a single recurring payment with a different amount; I think some folks have asked for that in the past. And I think Margaret mentioned that there is now an option NOT to have the tax-related transaction ICON appear on the register screen.
Q2009 is getting the worse drumming I've seen for a new release in terms of lack of new features worth buying it for. But items like the above are nice to haves, but apparently Intuit isn't listing them in some official list? A few years ago, someone challenged a statement about 200 (I think that was the approximate number) improvements in some release, and Intuit had a webpage listing all of them - granted some were quite a stretch as I remember. It sure would be nice if they could do that for Q2009 at the moment.
I still haven't seen any compelling (or even mildly nice) reason to move off of Q2008 by getting the next release - and this is the first time in 19 years (I've been using Quicken since at least 1989) that I've thought this way, and it's depressing.
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Very true, MSFT has decided to stop releasing annual versions of Money for just that reason.
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Maybe Quicken should stop annual releases as well and use the time and money saved to fix the existing product?
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