Community Discussion: Can't email a report - after updating to R27.28

Can't email a report - after updating to R27.28
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In the above discussion, the original poster says ...
" ... the proof of the pudding is in the tasting and in this case the pudding (email recipients) are not receiving the emails despite the Quicken reply saying "the message has been successfully sent."
That statement (as written) is NOT "proof of the pudding" as the poster claims.
In order to be proof, the statement would have to contain more evidence, such as: the email was not concealed/deleted by the recipient's spam catcher (rather than merely assuming that when the recipients said they did not get the email, assuming that the recipients actually did a thorough job of verifying that the email never arrived).
[Also: I, like other commenters in the above discussion, have no problem emailing any reports, including "saved" reports, in the R27.28 release of Quicken.]
While I cannot think of any reason why "saved" reports would be singled out to not be emailed, I believe the original poster in the referenced discussion needs to do more work at their end before assuming a Quicken problem:
- try emailing a non-saved report, and post the results
- try Saving a newly generated report, emailing that, and posting the results
- if the above also are PROVEN not to have been received; the user should Validate (and, if necessary, super-Validate) the data file. That means:
- make a Quicken Copy of the data file
- Validate (and, if necessary, super-Validate, the Quicken Copy
Then test emailing reports in the Validated file.
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John Pollard
And/or send a report to a DIFFERENT recipient, preferably someone with a different e-mail server than the first recipient.
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