Community Discussion: Can't get a report to accept my customize account selection

Can't get a report to accept my customize account selection
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"For a long time now, I cannot get the customize to select the account (for example) I clear all, then click on the account I want and I get a response 'Please select at lease [sic] one account'".
While I agree this is an annoying bug, it is not nearly as bad as the original poster in that discussion states.
You can still get your report account selection(s) made: all you have to do is to make sure that the account(s) you have selected are displayed on the Customize > Accounts tab.
For example: if you have selected only a single account to be included in the report and that account is a Banking account, but you are displaying only Investment accounts on the Customize > Accounts tab, you will get the error message noted in the discussion.
The simplest way to make sure the account(s) you selected are displayed, is to click on "All Accounts" on the left side of the display of individual accounts. [For my example above, you could also complete the account selection process by clicking "Banking" on the left side of the display of individual accounts.]
Once an account you have selected is displayed, clicking OK should complete the Customize process successfully.
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If anyone thinks that Quicken has a high regard for their customers, they might want to think twice.
A link to this newsgroup discussion was posted by a Community super user in the above referenced Quicken Community discussion - then that link was removed by Quicken ... with no explanation.
So the Quicken user who initiated the above referenced discussion still has no workable solution (unless that person was lucky enough to see, and follow, the link before it was deleted - which won't help other users reading the discussion after the link was removed, hoping for an answer).
I think there is no legitimate excuse for Quicken trying to prevent their customers from getting useful information.
[If anyone here wants to post the answer in the Community, be my guest.]
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Curiouser and curiouser.
Today, I see that the link that was deleted has been restored to the post it was deleted from.
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