Community Discussion: What has changed with Express Web Connect? I can't download/update transactions

What has changed with Express Web Connect? I can't download/update transactions
Found at:
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In the above discussion, one user says:
"I can't find the quicken connection channel info (when I click help menu, hold F4 and click about quicken, I get the usual about quicken version info and I am up to date)."
The F4+About Quicken combination is apparently a new Quicken information feature (in R27.28) - and I also can not get that new display when I hold down F4 + Help > About Quicken.
I have no idea why the directions work for some users and not for others.
But I can get the "Quicken connection channel" display if I hold down CTRL+F4 while clicking "Help > About Quicken".
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John Pollard
John, I think you know this so I apologize in advance. Express Web Connect is basically Quicken screen scraping the bank's online consumer web page. All it takes is one little format change by the bank and EWC gets confused and won't work.
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Arthur Conan Doyle
You are right: I do know about Express Web Connect. I have made hundreds of comments, similar to yours, in response to those who do not know much about Express Web Connect. Indeed, I was one of the earliest users who tried to explain to other users how Express Web Connect downloads work ... and why they are the most unreliable downloads.
But my reason for initiating this discussion, and my comment about the Community discussion I referenced here, had nothing to do with Express Web Connect, per se.
If you re-read my previous post, you will see that I included (quoted) a comment from a user in the discussion which I posted a link to.
If you read that comment by the other user that I quoted, then read my response to the comment I quoted; you should have no problem realizing that my comment had nothing to do with Express Web Connect.
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John Pollard

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