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Override with downloaded transaction date
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The Quicken date referred to in the above discussion (the "date originally entered in Quicken") is intended (by Quicken) to be the date the transaction occurred. It has meaning all its own.
The downloaded date is the date the transaction "cleared" the financial institution, also known as the "posting date". It too has meaning all its own ... and not the same meaning as the "transaction date".
The downloaded posting date is part of every downloaded transaction and Quicken retains it permanently: it can always be seen by customizing the register (for non-investment accounts) to display the "Downloaded Posting Date".
[When a downloaded transaction is Accepted, the "Downloaded Posting Date" is automatically entered in the Quicken "Posting Date". The Quicken "Posting Date" is a hidden field that is used in Quicken reconciles. To see - and modify - the Quicken "Posting Date", right-click a non-investment transaction, then hold down the CTRL key while left-clicking "Copy transaction".]
I do not believe that Quicken should allow the downloaded posting date to override an existing Quicken "transaction date". I see no use for that option, but I do see users unwittingly losing their valuable "transaction" dates by employing this option.
I believe the change that should be made to Quicken is:
- to allow the "Posting Date" to be optionally displayed in Quicken "registers" (for all accounts, including investment "transaction lists"), and
- to allow the "Posting Date" for all accounts to be displayed in one, or more, reports (Banking > Transactions for one); along with the ability to select, sort, and subtotal on "Posting Date".
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John Pollard
I would also like to see the "Downloaded ...." fields made "read-only" in account registers and transaction lists (those fields are currently inaccessible).
If the user could select the data in "Downloaded ...." fields, the user could use Copy (Edit > Copy, or CTRL+c) to copy that data to other locations in, or out of, Quicken.
It would also be nice to be able to Export those fields to Excel, etc.
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John Pollard

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