Community Discussion: How to prevent downloaded investment transactions being entered with wrong name?

How to prevent downloaded investment transactions being entered with wrong name?
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The original poster says:
"I own NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPORATION shares in a Traditional IRA investment account. When transactions involving the shares are downloaded from my broker, Quicken records the security name as NCR Corporation in the Traditional IRA investment account register."
This problem sounds like one where the user unknowingly, incorrectly, matched the downloaded Northrup security to the existing NCR security, the first time the Northrup security was downloaded. [The first time Quicken sees a security in a download, it tries to match that security to an existing Quicken security - but, in the same dialog, Quicken also offers the option to refuse any "match" and treat the newly downloaded security as "New".]
If that is what happened, there is a simple way to "fix" the problem:
- Edit the security in the Quicken Security List. Uncheck the box, "Matched with online security" (then click OK).
- Go to Tools > Quicken Online Center
- Select the financial institution and the account where the security is held
- Click the Holdings tab
- Click the "Compare to Portfolio" button
Quicken should then open the "Matching Security" dialog, with the just Un-matched security named in the box labeled, "Your brokerage has provided information about the following security" (with the box, "Yes, this matches the security selected below", checked).
At this point, select the correct security in the displayed list and click Done. Quicken should display a message that your Quicken account and your brokerage are in agreement.
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Unless you are a Quicken for Windows user with a problem the same as, or similar to, this one; you can likely ignore this discussion.
I failed to notice that the Community discussion in question was for Mac users.
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