Two factor authentication stops OSU update progress

In lives little annoyances department, has anyone noticed that when
performing an OSU, if one has a bank account that requires a passcode
due to two-step authentication, the progress panel STOPS for ALL pending
FI updates until the entire list is finished?
I have about 12 accounts and when performing an OSU, the first half
dozen or so flow fine...going from WAITING to SENDING to PROCESSING to
COMPLETE with the little circles indication progress. But as soon as I
reply to the passcode to one of the accounts, all progress indication is
stopped until the entire set of FIs is complete, even those that are not
affected by the earlier account.
Just a pain.
(And when did Q revert back to the lack of ability to be able to go into
an account for transaction editing/entering while the others are still
being updated? We had that for a while as well.)
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I had this proboem with my mother's checking account. The solution was to convince the bank that 2 factor authenticatiuon for Quicken OSU was a bad idea. (Threatening to close the account and move to a different bank helped)
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Porter Smith
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Well, I turned it on because I think having two factor authentication when some 'computer' tries to access my credit union's account *is* a good idea. The implementation within Q could be beefed up a bit to (a) not freeze the other information from being updated and (b) use a little mulitprogramming to allow the end user to continue to work o Q accounts that are 'finished' in the OSU cycle as we once we allowed to do.
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