Credit Card Updates say successful but they werent

I noticed an issue with one credit card I have. Quicken said update we received successfully, but it wasn't. I just got my statement in the mail and saw they somehow weren't on the quicken auto download. I tried to get the info again, again update successful, but it wasn't.
Any idea?
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Anthony Lisanti

you might try logging onto your CC directly and see what charges are there, the status, along with anything that might be a problem for downloading ?
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I have over 50 credit cards downloading. One of my Citi Business cards, and my Chase Business card fail to download transactions, but act like they are working properly. I've just learned to live with it, and not use those cards.
If you haven't already tried, deactivate downloading and reactivate, see if that helps.
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Bob Wang

Different Citi cards, different business models...
Shell, for one, quit the Quicken game quite some time ago.
Seriously? More than 50 credit cards? Why?
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