Downloaded Transactions

I am running QUicken 2005, have all the latest patches.
I started a new account file and downloaded Transactions from my bank.
Something went wrong, and it locked up, so I had to restart.
I accepted the set of transactions, butthe little flag next to my
checking account is still showing, and when I try to reconcile, it
tells me I have downloaded transactions I haven't accpeted yet.
But whne I let it take me to the register, there are no downloaded
transactions to accept.
I even logged back in today, downloade yesterdays transactions,
accepoted them, the register is now blank again, but the flag and
warning are still there.
Can anyone help me get 'clean'?
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On Sat 18 Feb 2006 09:05:19p, ed4becky wrote in news:
I believe you can just restore your Quicken to just before the download and get all of those transactions downloaded again.
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Close. I was able to rename qdata.del, and reload everything without loosing what I had already done. Then I jusr deleted the newly downloaded transac tions and deleted them. Now all is in synch.
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