Fee For Using Quicken

I have been using Quicken to download transactions from Wells Fargo and they
have been charging me $3 or $4. I recently developed a problem where I can
no longer download via Quicken but I can "manually" download my transactions
and reconcile. Will Wells Fargo charge me a fee for manual downloads?
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Pat Whelton
Pat Whelton has written on 8/29/2011 8:01 PM:
Had you expected to get Quicken services free?
Call your local branch manager. LBMs have all the answers. I'll bet that a visit would be even more effective!
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Cy Burnot
Actually a lot of financial institutions do offer manual Quicken downloads for free. Intuit charges banks for the OSU feature.
And depending on the amount of business you do, Wells may waive the fee for OSU.
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Robert Neville
Well hell yes. Something that used to be automatic has to now be done manually (i.e.: keeping track of start and stop dates, etc.) If Quicken can't get it's act together and help me why should I have to pay? I realize Quicken is not the one collecting the fee but they are complicating the issue.
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Pat Whelton

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