Q2004 upgrade - Deluxe vs Premier

I need to upgrade my Quicken 2004 because of the discontinuing support
for the online direct download function.
I'm currently running Q2004 Deluxe version
and of course do the downloads, get the alerts & news icons,
and create reports, graphs, & everything regarding my investments.
I happen to look at the differences between the Deluxe vs Premier
actually was looking at getting Q2006 from ebay,
to stay away from the Q2007 bugs & probs.
Did they start striping functionality from the Deluxe versions ?
Do I have to upgrade to Q2006 Premier
to get the same functionality I have with Q2004 Deluxe ?
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I went from 2004 Deluxe to 2006 Deluxe and am more than satisfied. My use is largely investment related like yours. You will find the downloading superior to 2004. Your idea of going with 2006 is a good one though, as there are a lot of posts on Q's message boards about 2007 that sound pretty bad even at R3.
HTH Bob L.
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Bob L.
Is there anything missing ? I'm confused as to what you get with Quicken 2006 Premier ?
I download the securities with their daily quotes and news icons. Also, of course, the brokerage & mutual fund account transactions. Then the usual mix of reports & graphs.
The quicken website - where I copied the comparison info - basically lists the same capabilities for Deluxe vs Premier, so...... what's the dif ????
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I think there may be some differences in college planning or stuff like that but I have never found anything lacking in Deluxe(e.g. even the retirement planner is in Deluxe as well as tax planner). One shortcoming of the tax planner, though, is that it only covers the year before and current Quicken year, i.e Q2006 has 2005 and 2006 but they do not update the rates etc for 2007. Guess they want us to buy it every time.
Bob L.
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Bob L.
One feature that I think they didn't have in Q2004 is an automatic upgrade feature. You can upgrade from Deluxe to Premier right through the menu system. So if you buy the lower version, then you can just upgrade as you need more features. So if your issue is just getting the right features for the right price, download the cheaper version and upgrade if necessary.
If your issue is that you're bitter because Intuit has moved the features you like to a more expensive version, then there isn't much to say.
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Jeff Schwarz

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