Quicken file backup

I am trying to backup my quicken file to a usb drive using the
"Quicken Backup" tool but I keep getting an error stating "Enter a
Valid Name". I cannot understand why it is doing that, anyone else
having this problem? I also tried backing up to my laptops hard drive
but I received the same error.
Thanks, Sam
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Yes I am selecting the file, the current file is selected by default but I also tried browsing and selecting the file but it did not work either way.
No the usb was not attached when I started quicken but I just tried it again with the usb attached before starting quicken and I received the same error.
Any other ideas?
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What version of Quicken are you using? Are you using the browse feature to select the data file and the backup directory, or are you typing them in? Does the drive name and file path look correct. Are you able to write other files to the USB drive?
I'm using Quicken 2005 Premier and have had no problems backing up to a CD or to a Flash Drive plugged into a USB port.
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Don in San Antonio
"Sam" wrote
What is the fully qualified name of the file you are trying to backup?
You can try shortening the current file name (7 characters or less) and/or the backup path name (I can't remember if the number was 64, or 39, characters or less). You can try making sure there are only alphanumeric characters, and no spaces, in the path and the file name.
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John Pollard
"Sam" wrote in news:1160869189.640668.217500 @h48g2000cwc.googlegroups.com:
Does the drive you are trying to use have a drive letter? If not, novigate to it in explorer and select Tools "map network drive". But the USB drive should get a drive letter assigned automagically ...
What verions of Quicken? Earlier version do require that the file name is 7 characters or less (plus a spare character for the backup #, and the 3 character extension, usually qdf.
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Don't use the backup button on the toolbar.
CTL + B to access the back up dialogue.
Look in the Folder list for the USB drive letter and directory and highlight it, choose "OK." If its not there close out of the back up dialogue and re-start it again from the file menu or by CTL + B.
Use the same USB port each time you backup. Quicken seems to key in on something related to the drive and the port for some reason.
Also, make sure the CD-ROM back up writer box is not checked.
Q2005 Basic does this all the time.
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fyi, for anyone that is still following this I finally figured it out. It appears that the quicken file name cannot contain a comma. The file name did not have a space but did have a comma, after I removed the comma the backup no works.
Also, I am using quicken 2006 permier.
Thanks for all the help.
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I understand, I think the assumption would be that if the quicken software is ok with the file name then the backup utility should also be ok with the file name but apparently that is not the case.
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