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I've been using Quicken for years and years. I'm currently using 2004
deluxe. Is there any way to have one-step update do ALL of my credit
cards, bank accounts and investment accounts at once? The PINs are
entered in the PIN vault ... I've been downloading from each
institution separately, which is very cumbersome.
Also -- how do I enter bond investments (purchase price / call price /
call date, etc). The window for bond buys doesn't seem to allow for
this type of info to be entered.
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You can only do a One Step download for financial institutions that offer "Direct Connect" downloads, and only then if you are eligible (some fi's charge extra for this). See your Participating Financial Institutions List.
Purchase price is entered with the buy. Call date (and maturity date, and bond type) are entered when you create a new security or in the Security List for existing bond type securities.
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John Pollard

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