Strangeness in my Q2013 One Step Update

I have 3 accounts with Vanguard: brokerage, investments, and Roth. The
account report shows they should all update, exactly like other
accounts I have with different firms. But when I do a OneStepUpdate,
no Vanguard account appears in the OneStep listing and no little
circular arrows appear before any of the Vanguard accounts in my
account listing. When the øneStepUpdate is done, it shows a summary
which DOES include Vanguard.
Normally I'd leave well-enough alone, since I'm getting the update I
want. But it's bugging me that it doesn't show.
Any thoughts?
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Q 2014 limits p/w to 10 digits ... does your Vanguard p/w use more? If yes,test by chaning your Vanguard one to 10 digits
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Yah, got one. Was having problems with Ally Bank and another firm where, even though the banks were in one step update, showed that they were being updated, and all that, but no transactions were being downloaded. For almost a year I kept on manually updating the accounts, which, luckily, didn't have that many transactions, whilst gritting my teeth.
Then, by accident, discovered if one clicks on the little down-arrow next to the one step update button, there's an "Update Settings" selection. Selected that and discovered, lo and behold, that the two banks that I had been having trouble with were, for some unknown reason, were unselected. Selected them and magic: Transactions started being downloaded.
Check that, sir.
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Yesterday, exactly the same thing happened to me. I discovered several unchecked Vanguard accounts sleeping under the arrow. Now all is well, except for the wonderment of why unchecked accounts were being updated for me.
Thanks for the post.
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Lo and behold, found Vanguard and Ally had become unchecked in MY OSU settings. But in my case, the Vanguard accounts were being neither updated (as per the results page) nor any transactions downloaded, unless I initiated from within the account.
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